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Sater Electric: A Solar Energy Company works directly with homeowners to create reliable, affordable, renewable power. We’ve cut out the middleman and manage every aspect of your solar install ourselves. We’ll talk financing, design systems, coordinate permits, upgrade meters, and lay panels on your roof. At Sater Electric, your project is our priority.
Now installing in Nevada and California.

Our Services

At Sater Electric: A Solar Energy Company, we specialize in residential solar, battery storage, electric vehicle charging stations, main panel upgrades & more.

Take control of your energy bill, produce reliable electricity, and protect our planet. Sater Electric: A Solar Energy Company will lend our 8+ years of experience to design a custom system to super-charge your home.​

Your life doesn’t stop when the power goes out. With battery storage, your lights stay on though storm days and utility-planned shutoffs. Make your suburban home your off grid oasis.​

Consistent fuel pricing? It’s long overdue. At Sater Electric, we’ll install EV charging stations at your home for any make and model – optimizing your system to compliment your solar array.

Solar Financing

Ready to save? We’ll walk you through the process and provide financing options with 5 to 30 year terms.

solar panels on southern california roof

Solar Incentives

How much will you save in your community?

Now installing in Southern California, Las Vegas, and the Reno-Carson area.

Our Recent Installs

Why Go Solar with Sater?


As a small business, we understand that your home is your most important asset. We'll work with you to access financing and eliminate your electricity bills.


With Sater Electric, there's no middleman. We'll work directly with you to design, finance, and install a solar system that meets your needs and your state's incentives. Our approach improves communication and creates a seamless install experience.


We've been electricians and general contractors since 2012. Today, we specialize in residential solar - designing and installing solar arrays, battery storage, and electric vehicle charging stations for Californians and Nevadans.

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